5 easy to do upcycled craft ideas

This week I’d like to welcome Meltco to my blog, they have kindly offered to write a guest post on upcycling.

We all have items lying around our homes that we don’t use. Our natural sentimental brains always find a reason to keep hold of them in case they come in handy in the future.

This often leads to hoarding – but it doesn’t have to. Using your creative flair, you can upcycle almost anything, from your old scented candles, to an un-used suitcase.

Here’s a quick list of some of the easiest ways to upcycle your unwanted items.

Teacup Candle
Everyone has those half melted, no longer loved scented candles lying around. They may no longer fit the décor or look the part – so this is the perfect chance to start upcycling.


By melting the wax of left over scented candles and mixing them together you can bring new life not only to old candles but also to an old teacup and saucer set. Follow Sarah’s tutorial here on how to do it!

Cork stamps
Corks are something everyone has lying around, especially after festivities. They are highly versatile when it comes to upcycling and are perfect for crafty people to make stamps with. They are low-cost and easy to carve and can be used again and again until the cork has run down.


Personalised plates
Instead of throwing out old and dated plates, personalise them. Ceramic pottery paint is cheap and is available in an assortment of colours. Not only do these plates have a new lease of life but they also create quirky and personal gift ideas.


Suitcase pet bed
This one is for the pet owner. Whether you’ve got an old suitcase that needs a new life or you want an original, but cheap, dog bed then this is the project for you.


A vintage case provides a chic solution to your pets needs. All you have to do is remove all screws and and separate the case, providing the opportunity to create two beds. Then, place a cushion with removable cover for easy washing into the suitcase for the bedding.

Melted glass pendent
Melted glass can be moulded to create a range of craft items and is becoming increasing popular for household items. Using melted bottle glass from a memorable occasion makes the perfect keepsake for any gift.


Glass needs to be heated in a kiln in order to melt and care should be taken when moulding glass at hot temperatures.


One thought on “5 easy to do upcycled craft ideas

  1. Lovely post. I love candles, but OH cant stand the smell of burning wax left when you blow them out so I tend not to have them. I also love the melted glass ides, I have a piece of beautiful blue glass (it looks like a crystal) that I have worn on a chain for years and always get compliments on it. Some excellent ideas here, Thank You. :o)

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