A Lesson in Cake Pops

For my birthday my work colleagues got me an amazing present of a cake pop making class at Airy Fairy Cupcakes in Manchester. So last Wednesday me and my friend Karen joined 10 other people, all keen to learn the art of cake pop making!

We started by making the ‘cake’ using cupcakes crumbled with a small amount of buttercream. We then rolled it into small balls and stuck them onto a stick with a little bit of melted chocolate to help them stick.


They then went into the freezer to make them extra solid to aid the next process of covering them in chocolate. There was the fun bit of dipping, twisting, and hanging the cake in the chocolate to get a good covering and then dipping them in all sorts of different sprinkles.



We were even given cellophane bags and ribbon to cover them and make them look pretty


The venue for the class was lovely. We had a cup of tea and had the opportunity to have cake from the vast variety on sale


I have since made some cake pops at home and they were much more successful than the last time I made them at home, the class obviously worked! I even found an unusual use for my colander – a cake pop drier!!


I can’t wait to make some more, although I think they’re more of a special occasion thing as they are a little bit time consuming. Have any of you made cake pops before? I’d love to see some photos!

Sarah x


One thought on “A Lesson in Cake Pops

  1. Looks like a fab class and venue! Your cake pops look great. My first attempt was a disaster but the second time around they turned out great – although I think I have Nic to thank for that! I just don’t have the patience for them really!

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