Handmade Monday 95

This week has involved more preparation for my birthday party. I persuaded my husband he had to to do fancy dress, but as he wasn’t keen we settled on a compromise of wearing a mad matters hat!

I ordered a cheap top hat off eBay and got some ribbon and feathers from my local fabric shop

I’m quite pleased with how it looks, and hardly cost anything to make!

I’ve also completed some more custom orders for a snack pack, using some fabric my customer chose from The Make and Do Provisions site.


I also made a Nintendo DS cover for Janine from Chouxchouxbedoo. It will make a great stocking filler for her son


I just wanted to mention that each week for Handmade Monday, I always read everyone’s posts, however I’m not able comment on a lot of them. My iPad doesn’t seemed to like sites that use blogger and it won’t let me leave a comment! If anyone knows a way around this please let me know! I’m always go grateful for all the comments I receive on my posts, so thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read.

Sarah x


11 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 95

  1. fantastic hat!! 🙂

    gorgeous makes too – the fabric for the DS cover is perfect! I’m sure it will be greatly treasured x

  2. I’m not keen on fancy dress either so that hat is a good compromise as well as a good make. Don’t have a clue about your iPad/Blogger situation. I’ve noticed that the site seems to work completly fine only for those who have blogs there, which is quite frustrating when there is a much wider audience out there who don’t use Blogger.

  3. Loving the hat – a great compromise. Loving the DS cover. I can’t advise you much on Blogger except that I had a problem being an anonymous commenter, the lovely help people said that there was not a lot we can do about it – although maybe not go for the open ID route but name and website. Also I have noticed that if you comment, publish it and then the comment box goes blank but your ID stays I think it does work. I struggled for ages with this for ages but came to the conclusion that it does work. Hope you understand this and it is some help?

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