Handmade Monday 93

Last weeks Handmade Monday was about cobweb scarves, so this week I thought I would share with you the process of making one.

First you will need the following:

Large bath towel
Large bamboo roller blind
Spray bottle
Natural soap flakes
Approx 4m bubble wrap
Merino and silk blend top this will make 2 scarves

“Topmaking mills make wool top, a semi-processed product from raw wool. The process requires that the wool be scoured (washed) and combed and sorted. The longer fibers resulting from the process are called tops, and are in a form ready for spinning”

1. Split the top in half by gently pulling the fibres part, never cut with scissors!

2. Lay out the towel and place the unrolled blind on top following by the first half of the bubble wrap. Place the top on top of the bubble wrap.


3. Gently start teasing the fibres apart, getting the top to lay flat. Work down the length of the top, making sure you tease out as much of the fibres as you can. The white fibres are the silk ones, make sure these aren’t close to the edge as they are quite fragile and prefer to have something next to them to cling to. Don’t worry if there are some holes, this adds to the character of the scarf!


4. Make up your soap solution by using approx 1litre of warm water to one handful of soap flakes. Pour this into your spray bottle.

5. Spray the solution directly onto the fibres, add enough but be careful not to drown them!


6. Cover with the rest of the bubble wrap. Sprinkle a small amount of water onto the top of the bubble wrap, this will help create friction for the felting process. Start to gentley massage the fibres, increasing in intensity after a few minutes. After about 5 minutes, turn the bubble wrap over and repeat the same process on the other side.


7. Keep checking the fibres to see if they have felted enough. They should feel as if they have knitted together well and shouldn’t feel like they’d come apart.


8. Roll up the scarf in the roller blind, keeping it enclosed in the bubble wrap. Roll the blind under your hands 50 times (roll like rolling a rolling pin), check for felting and repeat if needed.

9. Once you are happy, pick your scarf up and rinse under warm then cold water, getting rid of all the soap.

9. Trap the ends of the scarf in the ends of the blind, using a trusty volunteer hold the rolled up ends and pull, don’t worry it won’t break!


10. Hang up to dry naturally.

I hope these instructions have been easy to follow, get in touch if you have any questions!

Over to handmade Monday now to catch up with the rest of this weeks posts!

Sarah x


14 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 93

  1. Oh, wow! Thanks so much for sharing these instructions. You’ve made it look so easy so now of course I will have to have a go. It’s going on my list for January!! 🙂

  2. I have one week left of my felting course, I’ll try and show you my finished picture next week, but in our last week we are going to have a go at nuno felting. I understood everything in your tutorial and was so pleased you shared it with us as seeing your beautiful scarves last week, I was hoping you would show us ‘how to’. I shall definitely have to have a go at this one. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Thank you for this tutorial, along with all the photos. I received a book on felting last year, your post has encouraged me to give it a go. I bought a beautiful brown felted scarf, with seaweed style strands and colours along the length, and it always gets remarked on.

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