Handmade Monday 92

This week has all been about Christmas. I’ve started my Christmas shopping and have decided on what I’m making for my handmade gifts. This year I’ve tried to stick to my rule of handmade either by myself or another crafter (found through Folksy, twitter and of course handmade Monday). This proves quite difficult for my close family, however I will supplement the conventional gifts with handmade items too.

My first make is a cobweb scarf


I’ve made a few of these in the past and I think they will make up the bulk of my gifts. They’re relatively easy to make, just take a bit of time to do, quite therapeutic though!


Next on the list will be some handmade Christmas cards!

As you all will know (if not where have you been?!) I will be at a local craft fair this week promoting the launch of Make and Do Provisions, an online venture with The Make and Do Studio. I’m hoping to pick up some handmade items from the other stalls whilst there!

The website for Make and Do Provisions goes live on Wednesday 14th November, make sure you check it out!

As usual I’m linking up with Handmade Monday over at Handmade Harbour. I’ve got much more time now to catch up with very one else’s posts, so I’m looking forward to reading them with a glass of wine in hand! One last thing…my first Christmas decoration is already up…

Sarah x


A big fat cheery Robbin! He stands at just 30cm tall and makes me smile every time I look at him! Sadly I didn’t make him, but fab none the less!


22 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 92

  1. oooh those cobwebs scarves are gorgeous! the perfect Christmas pressie too (well, for the girls anyway! :))

    your fat robin is so cheery! what a cutie, i love robins and can’t believe i haven’t made any Christmassy things with them on yet… maybe this week! x

  2. Love the cobweb scarves. Wouldn’t mind finding out how you make these? What a cheeky looking robin, even better as it was a present from your mum 🙂

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous scarf, I look forward to the tutorial. And I love the robin, he’s fabulous! I will be waiting with baited breath for Wednesday – you have teased us for far too long!

  4. I’m there with you. Unfortunately the only person who won’t be getting all handmade this year is hubby. He’s a pain in the butt and given me a games and dvd list from which to buy items. Love the idea of your spider web scarf. They will go down a storm I am sure!

  5. Good on you for trying to make most of your gifts! I must admit that by the time I remember it is almost Christmas I am too short on time to come up with something different to make for my various nephews and nieces. I like the idea of buying something made by another crafter though…Etsy here I come!

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