Handmade Monday 88

Where has this week gone? It has certainly flown by with lots of jobs being ticked off the list, but sadly many more being added! I have been trying to finalise the bits I will be selling in Janines shop and just have 2 more makes to do, so will share them with you next week!

The one thing I finally got round to making was a clam shell clutch purse. The shell was in the sale on the u-handbag website a month or so ago and it looked pretty straight forward to make, so decided I would buy all the bits I needed. I used some liberty fabric that I bought at the festival of quilts, sadly though (I’m not sure why) there are some marks showing through on the fabric. I am still really pleased at the result – not bad for a first attempt!


I decided not to cover the inside with fabric and just left it as the bare plastic


I think these clutch purses are ideal as a gift as they’re quite quick to make and can be personalised depending on who you’re giving it to. The shells themselves are quite expensive, however you don’t need a lot of fabric to cover them, so you can probably make one up for about £15.

I will be joining in with Wendy’s Handmade Monday linky, why don’t you go and see what everyone else has been up to this week?

Sarah x


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