Handmade Monday 87

Another week and another Handmade Monday! Thanks to everyone for your comments on my last handmade Monday post, it’s always so nice to get such positive feedback on the things I make.

This week has consisted of a lot of time devoted to working on the shop website, which is coming along nicely and we will be announcing the launch date very soon! So to tempt you a little more with some of the fabric we will be selling, I decided to make a ‘Geek chic’ bag using some fabric by Timeless Treasures called City Map. You can find the pattern for the bag in Lisa Lam’s new book ‘A bag for all reasons‘ and you can also follow it online at How about orange.

In the project, Lisa uses a new type of interfacing called Decovil which gives the fabric a leather like quality. I wasn’t quite sure if to use it for my project as its very expensive, however I thought I’d give it a go as its supposed to give much better protection for the contents of the bag (iPads etc). I decided to buy a leather strap handle from U-handbag so I didn’t have to make up the strap from scratch and I modified the closure of the bag to be a simple magnetic clasp.


I like that there are some pockets on the front to store your pens etc in

I also like that you can detach the strap and also alter the length of it depending on what look you’d want!


Here’s a close up of the fabric, a black and white map of Paris. I think it goes perfectly with the red lining and is very quirky and unusual!


I hope you like the bag and the fabric! For once I have decided to keep the bag and not sell it, I fell in love with it when I was making it and just have to keep it! I think if I was to make the bag again, I wouldn’t bother using the Decovil. I found it really hard to work with as its quite stiff and inflexible. I think instead I would use a extra stiff interfacing which would also help keep the costs down.

If you didn’t see my blog post last Sunday about my giveaway, pop over and have a look – you’ve still got till the 12th to enter! I’m off now to peruse the other blog posts for Handmade Monday, why don’t you join me?

Sarah x


22 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 87

  1. Oh wow, I ADORE that fabric!! It’s so, so gorgeous. Interesting what you say about Decovil – I’ve never used it. Does it feel like an interfacing? Maybe like a pelmet type interfacing? Or is it thicker/stiffer? (Sorry if this is sounding like a very rude comment!!) 😉

    • 🙂 its really quite stiff, made it quite hard to turn the bag right/wrong way out etc, it was £7 is for a yard and personally I didn’t like the feel it gave to the bag. Could see it would give good protection for iPads etc though

  2. gorgeous! i particularly like the contrast of the red against the grey of the Paris fabric. How fab that you are keeping it – its good to treat yourself once in a while! 🙂

  3. I’m having the same problem this week – made something I adore too much to sell. I may have to drop strong hints that my husband should “buy” it and present it wrapped at christmas. “Where did you find such a lovely, well made present?” x

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