Some news…

A while back I mentioned about a new venture I’ve been involved in, well I thought now is the time to share a little more of what’s going on.

Several months ago Maeri (of The Make and Do studio) and I had a chat about our passion for fabric and how it would be great to develop an online shop which could be a one stop shop for those who were visiting the studio for workshops, but also to be available to the general public to buy.

So in about a months time our online shop should be officially open! To set us out from the crowd we will mainly be selling fabric from American based designers, which are a little more hard to come by in the UK. We will also be selling purse frames and bag hardware, along with project and sewing kits.

So I thought I would share with you a make up bag that I have made using some fabric that we will be selling. It is Designed by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller and is from a collection called Magnolia lane


I have lined the bag with waterproof fabric making it perfect for storing your makeup!


We would love to know your thoughts on what type of fabrics you would like, as well as any other products you would like to see us selling.

Keep following me and Maeri to be the first to know when we’re up and running as well as seeing some sneak previews of other fabrics we’ll be selling!

Sarah x


8 thoughts on “Some news…

  1. Wow, how exciting! Will you be selling small quantites (like Fat quarters) or by the metre? Will there be any other bits from ‘across the pond’ that we cant get hold of over here?

    • Yes we will be selling in small quantities. We won’t be stocking large amounts of any of the fabrics, therefore adding to the uniqueness! We will hopefully have other items that are more peculiar to the States – is there anything you would like to see us selling?

  2. Wow that’s brilliant. I attended a few of Maeri’s workshops last year and always loved the fabric she had. I’m sure it will be a success.

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