Grasshopper Cake

I saw a recipe for a grasshopper cake on the Pink Whisk’s website, mentally noting that it sounded like a cake I would very much like to try! After reading that Kim had recently made it and with the first birthday of the Warrington Clandestine cake club imminent, it had to be made!

The cake consists of 2 layers of chocolate cake sandwiched together with peppermint buttercream and after eight mints, my idea of heaven!


I was pretty impressed with my effort of the chocolate ganache used to cover the cake!

The first birthday of Warrington’s cake club was celebrated in style at Walton Hall, with approx 25 cakes to sample, there was even fireworks!


It was a fab evening, in such a lovely setting, made even better by lots and lots of yummy cake!!


I think the most spectacular was the rainbow cake made by Nic, so tasty and pretty!


There are lots more cake clubs popping up around the country, have a look on the Clandestine Cake Club website to see if there’s one close to you!

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Grasshopper Cake

  1. Ah fab you made it too! It’s a gorgeous cake isn’t it, definitely going to make it again sometime. Yours looks great and nice and upright, mine was on the lean!

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