Secret knitting Project revealed!

I mentioned a while ago about how I had got involved with a secret knitting project as part of my local WI group (you can read about it here). Well the big reveal has happened and I can finally announce…drumroll please…

We are knitting a giant scarf for the Dream Sculpture based at Sutton Manor Colliery in St Helens! You can read more about The Dream here.


On Saturday 29th September, Gary Conley (a key figure in bringing the Dream to St Helens) is undertaking a charity walk in aid of a local hospice which will culminate in the unveiling of the scarf at the Dream. There is hopefully going to be a lot of publicity and we hope it will be a popular event with the local community.

The aim is to get the scarf to be as long as possible, and we have already got over 100 20x20cm squares! With a month to go I am keen to get knitting and have used every opportunity to fit in some knitting, with even a spot of knitting whilst camping!


If you are local to St Helens and would like to be part of the project please get in touch and I can pass on the relevant details of how to get involved.

Sarah x


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