Crayon Roll Tutorial

My friend Janine, who I met at my WI group, is in the process of starting her own business and opening her own coffee shop. She kindly asked if I would be wiling to supply some of my handmade items for selling in the shop and of course I jumped at the chance! I wanted to create a new range of products, unique to the shop that I wouldn’t sell anywhere else. I have gradually decided on a list of items, some aimed at children, one of which is a crayon roll. I thought I would share with you how to make one of them!



This tutorial is ideal for the beginner sewer!

You will need:

Sewing machine
2 pieces of same fabric for outside and inside – 5″ x 15 1/2″
1 piece of coordinating fabric for pocket – 6″ x 15 1/2″
1 piece of wadding 5″ x 16 1/2″
1 small piece of elastic (a hairband is perfect!)
1 button
Needle and thread
Fabric marker
1 box of 14 crayons/pencils

1. Fold pocket piece of fabric in half long ways and iron flat. Place onto the piece of fabric that will form the inside of the roll. Find the midpoint of the pocket at 7 3/4″, using the fabric marker and ruler mark the middle line. Then mark a line every inch to the end of the roll.


2. Starting at the center line, 1/4″ below the top of the pocket, back stitch then stitch all the way down to the bottom of the pocket. Work your way along the lines to the right, then to the left, until all lines are stitched down, trim threads.


3. Hand stitch the elastic to the far right of the pocket in the middle.


4. Place the backing fabric and pocket right sides together, with the wadding placed under the backing fabric, pin together.


5. Starting 1″ down from where the elastic is, sew all the way around the outside, using a 1/4″ seam. Be sure to stop 1″ from the elastic when you come back to the start (this will form the hole for you to turn the roll right sides out)


6. Trim the corners, turn right sides out and press. Fold in the open end with the elastic so that the raw edges are hidden. Sew as close to the edge as possible, sewing over the elastic to ensure it’s firmly in place.


7. Measure 5 1/4″ from the elastic on the backing fabric and sew the button in place.


8. Place the crayons into the pockets and you’re done! Ideal for popping in your handbag when out and about to keep the kids quiet!


Sarah x


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