Festival of Quilts

Today I went to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. For the past couple of years I have heard how good it is, but have never had chance to go. So this year, in a bit of a last minute decision I decided to go and persuaded Nics notebook to come with me. I thought I would share just a select few of the quilts we looked at. There were so many, all equally beautiful and awe inspiring. You could really just spend a day looking at the quilts, never mind looking at all the lovely stalls!

I took cash with me in the hope to limit my spending, however I did end up using my card a few times! Here are some of the beautiful things I bought with links to where I got them from.

A signed Kaffe Fassett book

I am aiming to use this book to make a quilt from all the lovely fabrics I have received from my fabric club.

Fabrics from The eternal maker


A lovely patchwork felt kit from Madeleine Millington


A cute kit to make a felt dog


Some gorgeous liberty fabric from Alice Caroline


The most beautiful panels from a French stall


A cute free machine drawing on a scrap of fabric, from Janet Clare


And my most favourite

A quilt kit from Daisy Chain Designs

I hope you get time to visit the links I have mentioned as there really are some fab artists out there. The best thing about today is that have found some really unusual and quirky designers and shops which I will definitely be using in the future.

Sarah x


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