Handmade Monday 79

With some celebratory events this week I thought rather than buy presents, I would make up a selection of cupcakes to put in a pretty box. I tend to use the Hummingbird Bakery book for recipes as they are a little bit more unusual, so this was the perfect opportunity to try some recipes I had been eying up for a while!

I bought some pretty cupcake boxes and cases from Asda and set to in the kitchen. I had chosen to make vanilla, lemon (with a lemon curd surprise filling!), banana and chocolate and peaches and cream. I had wanted to try a few others, but I only intended to put one of each cake in the box, therefore meaning a lot of baking and I just didn’t have the time.


I was also helping out at a cycling event for the club my husband is part of, therefore more cake was needed! I opted for chocolate muffins this time, sourcing some tulip cases from my local cake supplies shop to make them look more professional. I added chocolate chunks rather than doing the melted middle like in the than recipe.


Although no sewing this week, I have managed to finally update my folksy site with all my gadget cases and bags. I wanted to try and make my photos more professional so I invested in a light tent, a little bigger than I had expected!



I still need to work on lighting etc, but using natural light I think I got some good photos – please pop over and let me know what you think!

I am also working on a new venture which I need to keep quiet on for now, but it’s taking a bit of my time up, putting the sewing on the back burner for now. In about a months time I’ll be able to share with you what will be a fantastic new adventure for me and hopefully exciting for all my followers too!

As always I am linking up with Wendy’s handmade Monday post, please pop over to handmade harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week.

Sarah x


24 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 79

  1. Those cakes look scrummy. What a shame I’m on a diet 😦 Would love to know how you get on with your light tent. I’ve wondered about buying one before but not yet taken the plunge. Your new venture sounds interesting can’t wait to hear what it is!

  2. Oh my! Those cakes look delicious! I have trouble with lighting too, to be honest I always end up lightening my photos in photoshop a little I dont do a lot though as I don’t like overprocessed photos. In the UK you can’t always wait for a bright day or you would never get any photos taken 😉

  3. Daughter no.2 has been baking from the Hummingbird Bakery book this afternoon!
    She adapted their Chocolate and Beetroot cupcakes to be gluten free so I could eat them too 🙂
    They do have lovely recipes

  4. all your baking looks utterly scrumptious and this post is making me v hungry!

    your lighting tent seems like a great idea as product photos are so important… you have made me think again about how much i want to improve mine!

    your new venture sounds intriguing… can’t wait to hear more about it! x

  5. I can personally vouch that the peaches & cream cupcakes were fab!

    Lovely to receive a ‘hand-made’ gift 😉 xx

  6. My mouth’s watering now,those cakes look fab!Love the purse-the fabric’s lovely.I’m interested to see how you go with the lighting thing-I’ve been wondering how to get better photos.

  7. Our local cycling club would kill for your cakes… Looks like you will have a lot of fun with the light tent… exactly how many cyclists will you get in there? *runs*

  8. This mystery venture sounds intriguing. Those cupcake flavours sound delicious, especially the one with the lemon curd filling. I’ve got a light tent, yet I find I’m getting better photos just from standing my items on my ironing board.

  9. Our cupcakes and muffins look very moreish – love the sound of the peaches and cream especially 🙂 I need to sort my photos out but can’t decide re light tent or not. Have worked out I can get 2 windows either side of natural daylight using my hall and a sheet as an interim measure 🙂

  10. The cupcakes look tasty! I need to do more gluten free recipes and blog them. You have inspired me. 🙂
    As for the light tent, I keep thinking I need one too. Or maybe I will make one. I always have trouble with my flash. I have a great speedlight kit, but I’m usually too lazy to drag it out. I thought your photos looked pretty good.

  11. I have the hummingbird bakery cupcake book and I love it! Not made many recipes from it but i have drooled over many of them lol
    The chocolate cupcakes look very professional and what a fab idea for a present.

  12. yummy cakes! gosh im dribbling already and what about my diet?!!!
    great buy – the light tent. big as it may be, it will allow you to take photos of bigger objects too.
    looking forward to your blog posts with the use of the tent 🙂

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