My sewing Haven

I thought I would share with you some of the things I have done recently to jazz up my sewing room. Previously we had some floating shelves, that were virtually impossible to use as they weren’t very stable, therefore leaving a huge amount of space unused. I had seen apple crates used as storage and thought they would be the perfect solution! I found a company called The Apple Crate Comany who make the crates to order. I bought 3 crates and got a long divider for one of them. They delivered really quickly and I was really pleased with the quality, nice and sturdy and smelt lovely!

I thought the best use for them would be for my books and knick knacks


Leaving my other shelves free for more fabric!


Here’s my lovely sewing table donated by Maeri


Did you notice the half tea pot hanging on the wall?!


I found it on Not On The High Street, made by Deborah Sparks, I couldn’t resist it!

On my sewing table, along with my acrylic ruler and self healing mat, I keep a basket of the things I use the most


Small scissors, seam ripper, tape measure,pin cushion and a little glass bowl to put off cut threads in to help keep my table tidy!

Is there nothing you always have to hand when you are sewing?

Sarah x


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