Kitchen Revamp

So, after much deliberation and putting off, we decided to revamp our kitchen. Here’s a photo of what it looked like before


You might wonder why we wanted to change it, well there was a lot of things that bugged me, including a wonky tap, heat had affected the finish on the doors and the floor had been laid poorly and was starting to deteriorate.

So, with my dads help, we started to dismantle, update and revamp. We started by moving the units up the wall, creating more light and also helping to minimise the damage to the doors in the future. I also decided to add another cupboard to replace the corner unit.


Next we cut the new worktops, making the opening for the hob (after discovering the previous DIYers had fitted the hob in place using blue tack!). This is what we found when we took the sink and tap out of the other worktop


No wonder the tap had started leaning! The wood was so rotten we didn’t need to cut around the tap to get it out, we just gave it a pull!

Once the worktops were level, we started to tile the walls. We decided on buying the same tiles that were in previously, with dads expert help they were fitted perfectly and I even did most of the grouting!

Next job was to tile the floor. I found some gorgeous Victorian style tiles in Topps Tiles, although a little more than we wanted to spend, they were exactly the style we wanted, and look great with the darker worktops.


Last job was to paint the walls and ceiling and replace the doors of the cupboards. Since the units were from Ikea, we had to go for similar doors as to what was there previously, going for white instead of off white to give a more crisp look.

So here is the finished kitchen


With a few finishing touches – my glass cake stand bought for me by my mum


And this wooden fruit bowl found for £2 in a charity shop


I am so delighted with how it looks, exactly how I had pictured it! Now to bake some cakes to go on my cake stand!

Sarah x


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