Secret Knitting Project

Last week myself and a friend were supporting our other halves at a cycling event at the Manchester Velodrome. With 2 hours to kill we decided it was the perfect opportunity to start our WI secret knitting project.

We have so far only been given very basic information about the project. We are to knit a square 20 x 20cm which is going to be used in a yarn bombing style project in St Helen’s.

A few months ago I learnt the basics of knitting on a course at The Make and Do Studio, however with not having much opportunity to practice, my memory of how to cast on and do basic knitting had long been forgotten.

So sat in the velodrome, with bikes wizzing past, we used trusty You Tube to find some clips to get us going. We soon got the hang of it and we were away! We did get a few odd looks by the other cyclists and I think you could say it’ll be the most unusual place I will ever knit!


We have since met as a small WI knit and natter group and have found better ways to cast on etc by passing on hints and tips, definitely the best way to learn. I decided to abandon my first effort and started again with a lovely pale yellow yarn. I really now have the bug and I am making good progress!


I’ll keep you updated on how we get on and will let you know more about the project when we find out!

Sarah x


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