The Gallery Exhibition

One of the great things about social media is that you get to hear about things you might not normally know about. For several months now I have been following the work of Helen McNicholas, as she gradually developed #thecabbage. This is a fabulous piece of art which at first you would mistake for being a photo! It is aptly named using a hashtag due to its following on Twitter. Helen’s work, along with many other artists is displayed in an exhibition in The Gallery, Warrington and the opening night was last Thursday.

After seeing #thecabbage develop I just had to go and see it in real life! I also wanted to support local artists and new ventures too. Here is #thecabbage in all it’s glory

I also want to mention the work of Nik Griffiths. I met Nik at one of the Clandestine cake clubs (everything always revolves around cake with me!) she uses surface pattern design to convert her doodles into reality.

I really love her nautical theme – she has a particular love of lighthouses like me!

I will leave you with some photos of the rest of the exhibitors, there was so much fantastic work on show!

Sarah x



3 thoughts on “The Gallery Exhibition

  1. Love these type of exhibitions. I need to look at some photos I took earlier this year of one I visited ( I was not blogging then) and share them. Love the cabbage thing!

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