Tea Time Treats

Whilst browsing the web I came across some cute craft kits by Crafty Nana and couldn’t resist the custard creams keyring kit, so unusual and quirky! The kit comes in a cute pink suitcase, perfect to use on my craft stall!


The kit includes a silicone mould, bake in the oven clay, glue and key rings, all enough to make 2 keyrings.


It made a change for me to be able to do some crafting whilst sitting in font of the TV! The instructions were really straightforward and only took me 15 minutes to mould the shapes.


They were then ready to go in the oven. It brought back fond memories of using Fimo as a child! Once they were cool, I just needed to build the biscuits using some glue and they were complete!


Although I think the kit is a tad expensive, you can buy more clay and keep reusing the mould. I think they will be perfect as stocking fillers for Christmas!

Sarah x


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