Handmade Monday 73

So another week and more bags! I have been busy making 2 more of the same style as I showed you last week.


I decided to make the sewing themed bag a bit more quirky by adding a handmade ribbon tape measure brooch to it


I really like the blue coloured bag, I’m not sure if it will make it to the craft fair!


I have also tried another variation on the purse frame – the big bobble clutch! However this is proving a lot more difficult than the curved frame version. You make it in a similar way to the other ones, but it is a lot more padded and has a feeling of luxury. I’m just struggling a little with getting the end pieces in right, so photos will have to wait till next week!

After the big bobble clutch, I want to try some patterns for bags using Harris Tweed. I think the tweed will be ideal on bags for autumn. Leading on from my questions last week, I was wondering those of you who buy fabric, what sizes do you tend to buy – fat quarters, half metres, full metres? I tend to just get fat quarters, as I think the cost looks more affordable! I am so tempted by the fat quarter packs too – they are always in such lovely coordinating fabric that I cant resist buying them!

As usual I’ll be popping over to Handmade Harbour for Handmade Monday, why don’t you join me?

Sarah x


22 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 73

  1. Lovely bags 🙂
    Tweed sounds a great idea for autumn
    I’m a ‘by the metre’ girl when buying fabrics – just buying quarters makes me nervous as if I really like the fabric I may not be able to get any more!


  2. Pretty bags. I tend to buy by the metre, sometimes in fat qtrs if I am not sure but as said on another blog I am a fabricholic so any length is fair game

  3. Lush bags you make here! You have such a talent! I adore the tape measure ‘Brooch’. I was going to have a go at making some of these. Heather xx

  4. Very lovely. Love that tape measure brooch – I think they’d go down well on their own too. It depends what I’m buying fabric for – and sometimes I don’t even know why I’m buying it! I’ll have it however it comes! 🙂

  5. I love your purses and the tape measure embellishment looks brilliant! I tend to buy by the half metre or metre because fat quarters always seem so much money for such a small amount of fabric but I realise it is all in proportion and just something I need to get my head around! X

  6. The tape measure brooch is gorgeous – I love it! I always buy fat quarters, often in bundles as the colour combinations are irresistible.
    You have won the competition on my blog too – so email me at ann@tickledpinkcrafts and we’ll sort out your prize. xxx

  7. i love the little tape measure brooch – great touch!

    i know what you mean about the prices of fat quarters being more appealing, you end up with more variety this way too 🙂

  8. I think the tape measure flower is a brilliant idea. Your bags look gorgeous.
    Re: fabric I don’t buy fat quarters, just because I think their expensive. I tend to buy
    only a metre of fabric at a time. I’ve been getting fabric from the Bankrupt fabric shop
    as the one I go to has remnants for £2.00. I’m generally able to get more than a metre for that
    price and with it being curtain fabric it’s sturdy. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  9. the purses are so cool, very chic, love the print on the last one. Im buying in fat quarters but havent had much sewing time to get things done

  10. I buy fat quarters too. Even tho can work out more expensive it means i can have a larger variety of fabrics. The tape measure brooch is a quirky idea, works well

  11. Hi Sarah, i agree the last one is stunning! The Harris Tweed will be gorgeous, I want some but can’t afford it so I’m having to settle for my cheaper tweeds at the minute!
    When I buy fabric I buy in metres. Partly because I end up using a lot! You should try fabricland.co.uk they are very cheap and their fabrics are gorgeous. You may recognise them on my site if you have a nosey!xx

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