A new addition to the family…

…. A gorgeous Singer sewing machine – the 306k


Maeri was given it a while ago but it has been sat in her garage since, so she kindly said I could have it! It has recently been serviced and is in perfect working condition. I have managed to source the manual on the Internet as it as some weird way of winding the bobbin which I need to decipher!


And the only way of accessing the bobbin casing is to tilt the machine back! I couldn’t really find a lot of info about it. I think it was made before 1960 and apparently it’s a very powerful industrial strength sewing machine, needing shorter needles than most standard machines.


When I took it out of the box my husband instantly recognised it as the same model his mum used to use. She used to make the seat covers for MG’s and Rolls Royce’s so it makes sense that she’d need an industrial strength machine! From my childhood I remember my mum using a treadle Singer machine, which is still at home housed in the traditional sewing table. When I bought my sewing machine, I stuck to my roots and got a Singer


I wonder if it will still be working in 50 years time?! Do any of you use a vintage sewing machine rather than a newer model for your sewing?

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “A new addition to the family…

  1. I leant to sew on an old knee tredle (a Singer machine), I got it for my 12th Birthday. Mum used to make curtains to order for the local fabric shop and cover eiderdowns (before duvets becaom fasionable) and used to make all our clothes on her Singer.
    The machine I use know is an older model (not sure of the make, but would guess its 1970s) bought for £10 from a friends Mother. It only does straight stitch and zigzag (no button holes), but its good enough for what I need. :O)

  2. My first sewing machine was inherited from my grandmother. It was a very elderly Singer which was powered by turning a handle, so you could only guide fabric with one hand. I succesfully made bedding and cushions for my daughter with it before she was born.Sadly it was lost in a house move.

    Currently I have a new-ish Janome, but it is a bit pants in comparison to the 1960’s Jones machine my Mum rescued from the tip!

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