Appliqué Card Tutorial

I thought I would share with you how to make this simple yet effective card


You will need:
Small scraps of fabric in various colours, plus slightly larger piece for background
Iron and ironing board
Thread – black and contrasting colour
Fuse a web (appliqué bonding, I bought mine from Seamstar)
Blank card and envelope
Sewing machine with free motion foot

1. Cut out your desired shape in the fabric and fuse a web. I went for a cupcake design which is easy enough to cut out freehand without a template.

Cut the backing fabric in a square shape, slightly larger than your design. I used pinking shears to give a pretty edge.

2. Apply the appliqué bonding to your scraps of fabric by placing ‘webbed’ side onto wrong side of fabric and iron the paper side (using a dry heat, no steam)

3. Place shapes onto backing fabric and keeping in place, lay a cloth over them and press with the iron for approx 10 seconds. This will help keep them in place for sewing later


4. With your free motion foot in place and the feed dogs dropped, place you fabric under the needle and guide it around the edges of your design. This is the fun bit!

It is easier to place the fabric into an embroidery hoop, therefore giving the fabric some more tension. If done this way you would cut the backing fabric to size once you have sewn your design onto it.

5. Sew the button in place.

6. Position the backing fabric onto the centre of the card. Make sure the card is open, so you are just going to sew onto the front piece. Either using the free motion foot or a standard pressed foot sew around the edge of the backing fabric. Use a contrasting colour to give a pretty effect.


I think these are great to make for special occasions or just when you want to give a card that is unique!

Sarah x


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