Handmade Monday 72

With the craft fair taking over this week (see my last post for some photos!), I allowed today to be a day of sewing and relaxation, admittedly it was to make more products for the next craft fair! After making the snap coin purses, I have fallen in love with using the metal hardware to give more of a substantial bag or purse. I had bought some different purse frames from u-handbag so today was the day to try them out!

Lisa is so good as she gives so many free tutorials, I downloaded the instructions on using a medium purse frame and I was ready to go. After reading it through, the design was the same as the snap purses, so I felt quite confident in the sewing part. Next came the gluing of the fabric to the frame. Now anyone that knows me might say I can be quite messy (when painting I manage to get more on me than the walls!) so the prospect of putting glue near my lovely fabric was filling me with fear. I made sure I had a break, cup of tea and a bit of cake and I set to!


I think the best bit is that you apply the glue then leave to dry for 5 minutes before poking the fabric into the frame. It therefore meant the glue was more tacky and less likely to go everywhere! I am so pleased with the end result, not bad for a first attempt!



I am now addicted to using these frames and can’t wait to make more purses! I now just have the same dilemma as the snap purses of deciding what price to charge for them!

I have also made another kindle and iPad cover, this time for my mum. I choose some really pretty, girly fabric from Seamstar, called Believe by Joan Hallmark. I know she’ll love them!


Speaking of pretty fabric, I was just wondering what designs everyone else likes? Is there a particular designer you like? Do you like the more quirky and unusual stuff like me or do you prefer more traditional designs?

I’m now going to pop over to handmade Monday and see what everyone else has been making!

Sarah x


37 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 72

  1. Your fabric choices are always lovely, and I do like the more quirky and unusual ones best. I’ve never been brave enough to tackle a purse frame, yours looks so professional!

  2. Your purse looks gorgeous and I know what you mean about messy – I regularly get paint everywhere. I’ve never tried a frame purse, they always look scary! Fabrics: I like quirky and unusual. I prefer checks, stripes, spots and plains over florals and love to mix fabrics up to create a different look.

  3. A cup of tea will help to calm any fears 🙂

    All your designs look great. When it comes to fabrics, I like simple colours and designs or something with a bit of bold colouring in it. Floral fabrics have never appealed to me persoanlly.

  4. I am with everyone else – it looks really professional and I can’t wait to see more of them. As to fabrics- I love the ones you have used today. I think I like fairly simple ones. Sorry not to be of more help!

  5. fantastic purse on your first go with these frames! using the glue does sound a bit hairy… well done for not getting it everywhere!

    I’m sure your mum will love her pressies, the fabric is very pretty 🙂

    i like lots of different fabrics, for prints Michael Miller are great x

  6. Lovely rises. The gluing an be quite stressful though when you use your gave fabrics, can’t it!? As for fabrIc designers …there are so many to choose from, but I do love everything Kate Spain produces. So difficult to buy in meters over here though!

  7. Loving the purse! I like the fabrics you have chosen. Because I’m not a sewer I don’t really know that may designers – I just tend to like a fabric!

  8. Lovely purses and lovely fabrics too. I’m a very messy gluer, so the thought of doing that fills me with dread! As for fabric I like both traditional and quirky, a real mix.

  9. the purses are really pretty I have never used those clips im worried my gluing would not be goos enough and they would fall apart well done good luck with your next fair xxx

  10. Your purse looks very professional and I love the bright red lining. I have often wondered about using frames like these but always shied away from it. I like all kinds of fabrics from bright bold ones to pretty feminine ones, it really depends what you are using it for 🙂 Hope Mum likes her pressie!

  11. Lovely things again! Just to say I have bought my canvas and am going to have a go at making a sign using your tutorial! Have a good week, Jo x

  12. I was tempted a while back to purchase some purse frames but thought they would end up with all my other good ideas, in a pile!! Yours look brilliant, love all the fabrics too, really pretty.

  13. Your purse frame is brilliant. If that is your first atempt your a dab hand at it. Love the fabric andthe lining you have chosen. Thanks for the links to the bag handles and tutorial. Been after a purse bag handle for ages. Hugs Mrs A.

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