A Fear of Zips

Ever since I started sewing, I have avoided zips. Any project with a zip in it I would look to see if I could still make it without the zip and if not I just wouldn’t make it! So when my mum asked me to make her a cushion cover with a zip my heart sank.

Not to be defeated though I took it on as a challenge! I bought a zip which looked roughly the right length and looked up a few tutorials on how to do it. It looked simple enough, however I just kept moving the fabric around my sewing room, avoiding the inevitable stress! I think what was worrying me more was the fabric. I wont go into the details why but mum choose an easy washable, soft fabric – faux sheepskin style, which is not the best thing to sew with!

When the date came round for sewing club I instantly knew what I was going to take! I hoped someone there would take pity on me and guide me through it! I was so lucky that Sara, a fab experienced sewer took me under her wing and talked me through each step.

I first sewed the side, which the zip was to go on, with a very loose stitch, then pinned on the zip. See how thick the fabric is?!


Now came the bit I was dreading! I attached the zipper foot, positioned it in place and away I went


I literally squealed with delight, exclaiming ‘it’s working’!! I did the same for the other side, then unpicked the original seam, leaving the zip free to move


The hard bit was over and I just had to sew up the other sides and it was done


I had to trim the fabric to stop it catching in the zip, but it did quite a good job of making it an invisible zip!


I admit the fabric wasn’t the best thing to use for my first zip project, however if I can sew this then I can do anything!! I also want to mention how valuable the sewing club is. It’s so nice to be able to chat to like minded people plus share skills! I know for a fact that if Sara hadn’t of helped me the fabric would still be in a pile in the corner and I’d still be avoiding using it! Now I will look at a project with a zip in and not turn the page!

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “A Fear of Zips

  1. Well done! A fear conquered! I like putting zips in, I think it’s the sense of achievement. Like you say – if you can do it in that fabric you can do it in any.

  2. Looks great, well done, I see you went with the length ways zip as well, much easier than shortening it! Well done for conquering your zip fear 🙂

  3. Well done you! I’m amazed you used this fabric for your first-ever zip, but you definitely came out on top! Zips are not as tricky as many people would have you believe, and you’ve conquered the first step easily by the look of it. I would love to hear more about sewing club!

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