Every House Should Have a Tea Cosy

When I was thinking of what items I would lilke to make and sell, I decided on ‘things to put things in’ therefore trying to stick with bags and cosies. My next makes were therefore tea cosies. I think every house should have a tea cosy! I love making them as they follow the same ‘rules’ as any bag with a lining and are quite quick to make.

I used heat resistant wadding to ensure the tea pot stays as warm as possible. I have so far made a selection, combining appliqué/freehand embroidery and unusual fabrics to give a quirky mix


I still have a few more designs up my sleeve which i’l hopefully get time to make before the craft fairs.

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Every House Should Have a Tea Cosy

  1. These are so pretty, I especially love the fabric on the Union Jack one. I totally agree that every home needs a tea cosy, they are on my long list of sewing projects to try (freehand embroidery also on the list!) although the prospect of all the lining and wadding makes me a bit twitchy! X

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