Handmade Monday 70 – Canvas Stall Sign

As you all know I have been beavering away making items for my craft stall. However I have also been spending quite a bit of time getting the look of my stall right. I think how it looks is just as important as the things you are selling, after all if you don’t entice your customers in to browse then it doesn’t matter what your products are like! So with this in mind I decided I wanted to have a striking sign with my stall name, tied in with my logo from my business cards and Etsy/Folksy site.


I came up with the idea of using a canvas and some fabric as well as some appliqué lettering to give the multicoloured effect.


If you want to make something similar you will need:

Canvas (whatever size fits your project and doesn’t need to be expensive)
Large piece of fabric to cover canvas
Smaller scraps of fabric in various colours
Iron and ironing board
Staple gun
Letter templates
Buttons (if needed – to use for the dots on the letter ‘i’)
Fuse a web (appliqué bonding, I bought mine from Seamstar)

1. Cut the large piece of fabric the same size as your canvas plus 1.5″ extra on all sides. My canvas was 12 x 12″ therefore I cut my fabric to 15 x 15″.


2. Apply the appliqué bonding to your scraps of fabric by placing ‘webbed’ side onto wrong side of fabric and iron the paper side (using a dry heat, no steam)


3. Using the letter templates draw around the letter on the paper part of the fuse a web attached to the scraps. Cut around the letters.


4. Lay out the letters on the large piece of fabric. Make sure it looks how you want it, then peel off the paper backing to the letters, keeping them in place, lay a damp cloth over them and press with the iron for approx 10 seconds.


5. If using buttons for the dot on the ‘i’ then attach them now!

6. Lay the fabric right side down and place the canvas on top, making sure there’s the 1.5″ overlap all around from canvas toned of fabric.


7. Starting on one side, pull up the fabric around the frame of the canvas and staple in place. Then repeat on opposite side to get the right tension.


Repeat on other 2 sides. When you get to the corners arrange the fabric to make it neat on the front then staple in place.


So there we have it, quite a simple yet striking sign for your stall. There’s hundreds of possible uses for this type of design, of course you can sew around the edges of the letters, however for ease I decided not to. I can see I will be making more regular use of canvases and my staple gun in the future! I’ll be linking up as usual to Wendy’s handmade Monday post, be sure to check out what everyone else has been up to.

Sarah x


33 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 70 – Canvas Stall Sign

  1. What a lovely idea and robust enough to withstand the rough handling these things often get when putting up and taking down your stall.

  2. I love it! We have a few canvases hanging around unloved…might be an idea ro put away and drag out in the future when my girls have their own bedrooms?

  3. Brilliant idea – much better than a printed one, so I’m off to the shops to get a canvas this week! Thanks for sharing! Jo x

  4. Looks brilliant and thanks for sharing your technique. I had an idea for a canvas but never attempted it, you may have inspired me to do it now

  5. What a great idea – it looks stunning! I may have to try something similar myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great week – and a successful craft fair x

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