Sewing Box Revamp

Last week I mentioned I had bought a fab sewing box from my local charity shop. It needed a few jobs doing to it to spruce it up. I sorted out the loose screws and hinges by using bits of wire and old screws from my box of bits and pieces.


I thought I should jazz it up a little and wanted to use some patterned paper. With a few ideas in mind I went to Hobbycraft looking for some jubilee inspired scrapbooking paper, everything seemed just too expensive though. I was about to give up when I came across a magazine with a set of papermania papers, all with a British theme. The best bit was the magazine was only £3 and I got some free stamps aswell!


I wouldn’t normally have bought the magazine however it was interesting to flick through, but was mainly for card makers.

So I set to cutting and sticking the paper to line the trays of the sewing box and here it is


I’m quite pleased with the results. It will definitely come in handy to store my ever growing stash of sewing stuff! Plus it will always remind me of 2012 and the year of the Jubilee and the Olympics!

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Sewing Box Revamp

  1. What a great find. I would like one of these and I love the way you have decorated it and what a lovely way to remember when you got it!!! I bet it will end up being a family heirloom!

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