Great British Food Festival Cake Off

As I mentioned yesterday and in previous posts, I decided to enter the Great British Food Festival cake off challenge. Feeling that I should honour my WI membership I entered the Victoria Sponge category. I was a little unsure as to what recipe to follow but after a few trial recipes I decided to follow the Great British Bake off recipe on how to make a traditional Victoria sponge, directed my Mary Berry.

Iwanted to use fresh local ingredients, therefore using farm shop butter, eggs and Jam.


There was something so satisfying of opening up the big slab of butter, just wrapped in greaseproof paper! The jam is made from locally grown raspberries at Kenyon Hall farm and the jam is made there too.

The cakes came out pretty well and came out of the tins in one piece!


Now came the hard part of deciding what to fill the cake with. In the guide for the competition it just said ‘traditional’. Traditional in WI world means just raspberry jam, however after asking around on Twitter, the majority of people said jam and cream. As part of the judging is done by members of the public I thought I should go with what I thought people would be expecting and went for jam and cream.

Here’s my cake at the festival ready to be judged.


And the rest of the contenders


9 cakes in total


Here’s Karen, another WI member with her Queen inspired cake!


The day itself was fantastic, even the weather held out!


To my delight there was even some craft stalls. I found out that Stitch Me Lane that I follow on twitter and Facebook had a stall and there was lots of nice things to buy!

So a lovely day was had by all.


As for the cake competition… I was in the bottom 4 out of 9 cakes. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I am in no way competitive, however I had hoped to have done a little better. I’m trying not to let it knock my confidence and hope I do better at my craft fairs!

Sarah x


4 thoughts on “Great British Food Festival Cake Off

  1. No, don’t be down hearted! If looks were anything to go by it would have been a close call! Well done for taking part! We might pop along today x

  2. I don’t know who the judges were, but they obviously don’t know good cake when they taste it, as your cake was delicious!

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