Handmade Monday 69

Another week has gone by and we’re back at Handmade Harbour for another handmade Monday! I have been fairly busy this week preparing for my craft fairs, making the last of my kindle covers


More iPad covers


And more DS covers


I have tried to do a mixture of button and Velcro fastenings for the kindle and iPad covers to give a bit of variety. I decided I wanted to sell some smaller items and so made covers for some small note books


And used up left over fabric to make some fabric covered buttons


I’m not sure if I will sell them on the tag or just in a box to rummage through.

I still have a list of things I am aiming to make for the craft fairs, I think my stall is going to be piled high! However I promise to blog soon about something other than iPad and kindle covers!

Hope you all have a great week and fingers crossed for dry weather for more Jubilee celebrations!

Sarah x


33 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 69

  1. Gosh you have been so busy! I like the buttons on a card as I’m usually looking for more than one – maybe 3 on a card but do 1’s and 2’s separately Mich x

  2. Wow you’ve been really busy. Love all the fabrics you’ve used. I think the buttons look really pretty on a card. Have a good week. Ali x

  3. What a lovely collection, I especially like the buttons. I think you could charge more for them on the tag than separately. Just my opinion though!

  4. Wow, what a lovely selection! I like the buttons on the tag too, and agree that you could probably charge more this way – i’m not sure you need to do them in ones and twos as well as i’m sure those who like them would stretch to three 🙂

  5. My you have had a busy week. They are all lovely but the little books really appealed to me, oh, and the buttons too. I love buttons.

  6. Well you certainly have built yourself up a good stock selection. The fabric you’ve used is great, i’m sure they’ll sell well.

  7. They’re all great Sarah! I think the button on the card would sell for a better price. Loved the craft section at the GB food festival. You could easily have had a stall there!! I picked up cards from a few people. x

  8. Absolutely love your makes! I find it really hard to know how much stock to make for my fairs. I want to make sure I have enough that if something is popular I don’t miss my opportunity to sell lots but if it doesn’t sell I don’t want to have wasted hours and lots of money making items no-one wants to buy! Any tips would be great 🙂 X

    • I’m finding it really hard to gauge too. I just got really carried away sewing and didn’t realise till I counted how many covers I had actually made! I’m thinking what I don’t sell I will have on folksy/Etsy and I’m lucky as I don’t rely on selling for income. So hard to find the right balance!

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