Handmade Monday 68

I wasn’t going to post about my weekend as I haven’t really achieved anything, I think I’ve failed more than achieved! However I was aware that nobody is perfect and so thought I should still share what I’ve done.

It started with me attempting to make some lovely jammy dodger cheesecakes from a link I saw on twitter. I haven’t got a picture to show you as I’m afraid the went straight in the bin! There were 2 things that went wrong – probably cooked for too long and also (I’m not sure why) the paper part of the foil case came away, making the cake virtually inedible. It’s a shame really as they looked so promisingly lovely on cakeboule’s website! I will definitely try making them again though as the recipe is so easy to follow!

Next my other cake baking disaster. My weekly bake off cake this week was a Cherry cake. I am quite partial to a bit of cherry cake so couldn’t wait to get it in the oven! I had seen a few tweets about the cherries sinking, but blowing caution to the wind I stuck to the recipe, you can guess what happened!


The cake itself is lovely, nice and moist and light, however as you can see all the cherries sank to the bottom! Needless to say this one was saved from the bin and has been devoured sat in the sunshine today!

My last disaster was a sewing one! I had decided to finally leave behind the sewing of iPad and kindle covers and branch out more into appliquΓ©


Had found some cheap (Β£1) pre made tote bags in Hobbycraft which seemed perfect for using for my designs. I decided to stick with a basic cupcake design which I have done previously on a kindle cover


I was careful to keep the front away from the back so as to not sew the bag together, and off I went. I finished the first cupcake and was quite pleased with the results, it seemed to flow much better than it had done perviously. I went to remove the hoop to move onto the next cupcake and was bemused as to why it was still attached to the bag. On turning it over I realised I had managed to sew the handle of the bag to the bag enclosing the hoop aswell! I’m so glad I have an unpicker to get me out of these situations! I will however persevere and hopefully have a finished bag or 2 to share with you next week!

So there we go, not really much of a Handmade Monday and more of an unhandmade Monday! I felt that I should still share my failures as well as my successes though! Speaking of which – pop over to the Handmade Harbour website to see what delights everyone has been making this week.

Sarah x


24 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 68

  1. I did chuckle when i read your post. It’s such a pain when recipes go wrong after all the effort put into creating something tasty. Jammy dodger cheesecake sounds yummy, i have been considering an oreo biscuit cheesecake lately. I bought some of those bags from hobbycraft a couple of years ago, think they got stashed in the back of a cupboard along with a lot of my other crafty buys!!!

  2. I love knowing that I am not the only one who gets things slightly wrong….thanks for sharing! Good luck on restitching your bag x

  3. Who cares where the cherries are as long as they are in there!! It looks delicious. The bag looks lovely and I am looking forward to seeing it finished. Hope this week goes more smoothly for you.

  4. i know exactly where you’re coming from as i have had a few unfortunate makes this week that have not made it to display on HM! its so easy to feel a little disheartened when things don’t turn out quite as one hoped or planned – especially if you carry the illusion, as i am prone to, that everyone else manages just fine! The truth is that we all mess up on a regular basis and there is nothing wrong with that, its how we learn, and sometimes mishaps shine a light down the path to creative genius!

    Your cake looks scrumy by the way – my mum used to make something similar with chocolate chips when i was a child, all the chocolate would sink to the bottom and this was my favourite bit – i wouldn’t have it any other way! x

  5. The cherry cake looks kind of yummy to me! Could you cut the sides of the bag so that it opens it up and you wont have the trouble of making sure things wont get caught up, then re-sew the sides? It would make the bag slightly smaller but not much.

  6. Love the bag I think it is so cute! Sorry to hear the cheesecakes did not go well – I would stick to paper cases (muffin sized) in future and the timings although they may not look cooked they are – there is hardly a hint of brown on them when they are done (think pale british buties) and you think they are not going to turn out. As long as you put them in the fridge overnight they will set. Apparently I was told if you don’t want fruit to sink in cake you light cover them in flour before putting into the mixture. Onwards and upwards I say!

    • I thought I didn’t have any muffin cases so had to go with the foil ones, found the muffin ones once they were in the oven! I blame a few too many glasses of wine on leaving them in for too long as normally I’m so careful! Thanks for the hints though, will try again soon as sainsburys has Jammy dodgers half price at the mo! πŸ™‚

  7. Hate it when a baking disaster is inedible, it doesn’t matter so much when you can disguise falling apart problems with a pile of whipped cream or similar! The Cherry cake looks delicious, even a breakfast time! Have a lovely week x

  8. I had to laugh at stitching the handle, sort of thing I do in m y excitement to finish an item. Try rolling the washed cherries in flour, then fold in you should find they will stay where they are meant to, still delicious if they do sink though

  9. Mistakes are just lessons in disguise! I seem to remember that if you dust the cherries in flour before mixing them into the cake then they won’t sink! I have no idea if it works tho! I’m sure Delia Smith will have some failsafe method of turning out a perfect cherry cake – it looked delicious.

  10. Oh yes, the sinking cherries… wash them, dry them then toss them in flour… it really does work.

    As to sewing disasters, so many times have a sewn in an extra layers into my seams… sleeves are always the ones for me!

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