Jubilee Clandestine Cake Club

Yesterday I went to the Clandestine Cake Club in Warrington, armed with my cake, baked with a Jubilee theme. I had a few ideas on what to bake and finally decided on a classic Victoria sponge cake decorated Jubilee style!
I combined the inspiration for the decoration from a magazine article and the recipe from the Great British Bake off book.


I got a bit carried away with the cream, there was lots of it! I liked the quantity of fruit though – gave it a fresh taste I think.


The cake club was held at Davenports, a lovely tea room and farm shop south of Warrington. What made it even more unusual is that the tea rooms have an Alice in Wonderland theme, so lots of unusual things scattered around and great murals on the walls.


There were about so many lovely cakes to sample and it was great to see everyone’s different takes on the theme of ‘Jewel in the Crown’.


With some very elaborate cakes!



I had a slight ulterior motive or baking a Victoria sponge – I have entered Cheshire’s Great British Food Festival Cake off. It is on the jubilee bank holiday and there will be lot of stalls selling all sorts of foodie loveliness! There are different categories for the competition, however I decided to play it safe and entered the Victoria Sponge category. I used the opportunity to try out the British Bake off recipe to see if it would be suitable for the cake off. I think it tasted great, nice and light and airy, however I think I might do another practice one before the competition!

Are you doing anything to celebrate the Jubilee?

Sarah x


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