Crafty Business Tips

With my first craft fair next month and another planned for july, I’m now making more things in the hope of selling them at the fair but also online as well.


I have been looking around the web for hints and tips on selling your crafts as well as costing and designing your craft fair stall. I thought I’d share some links that I have found useful!

Lisa Lam who owns the U-handbag site has a great blog, apart from the fab tutorials she’s also done several posts on pricing and selling your crafts. Check out the rest of her blog for some more useful tips.

I found a fantastic link to pricing through twitter – a rockstars guide to pricing written by Kim (@finestimaginary), a great breakdown of working out your costs.

The sewing directory also has a great list of business articles covering a range of topics.

So at the moment I am planning what my stall should look like. I thought this would be the easy bit, but it’s proving to be quite difficult! I think I need to decide on a style that suits me and the products I am selling?


Does anybody have any tips on what a great stall should look like? I’d love to hear from buyers and sellers alike! I am sticking with all sorts of different types of bags to sell on my stall, as that’s what I enjoy making the most. Does anyone have a particular style they like to buy or that sells well?

Sarah x


4 thoughts on “Crafty Business Tips

  1. Thank-you for the links, I am off to explore them, as I never know what prices to put on my things. I think presentation makes all the difference on a stall – either a theme or grouping colours, products together, also making sure everything is clearly priced! Have a good week-end.
    Jo x

  2. I’m sure your pieces will do great, they are so fun!

    My advice is to add some lead-ins at the edge of your booth. For example, I’ll stick a tray of $5 rings or earrings at the edge of my booth, to entice people to walk up.

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