Cake Of The Week

I thought this week I would join in Cake of the Week. A month or two ago a lady I work with asked me if I would bake a fruit cake for her husbands birthday. She gave me full reign as to the shape, size and design. I immediately knew what recipe I would follow as I baked our own fruit wedding cake and always use the same fruit cake recipe at Christmas. It is from a very old copy of the Good housekeeping book and has always tasted lovely!

I decided to make a 7″ square cake


I used a amaretto and apricot soft set jam to glaze the cake before putting the marzipan on


I had a few ideas on how I wanted to decorate the cake. Martin is in a Jazz band and so a music them seemed most appropriate, however I wanted to keep it fairly low key (excuse the pun!) so I decided on a keyboard effect on the top of the cake


I am really pleased with how the cake has turned out, I hope Martin likes it!

Sarah x


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