Weekly Bake Off – cheesecake

This weeks weekly bake off cake was an American chocolate ripple cheesecake. It was a baked variety so contains eggs and a lot of cream cheese!!

I have never had much luck on making cheesecake, but decided to give this one a go. I always find that the base is never quite thick enough for me so I doubled the quantity of biscuits and butter for the base. I was quite disappointed on trying it last night as the base was quite soggy. However after leaving it overnight in the fridge it tasted much better today, and certainly went down well with the people I work with!


I couldn’t get the marbled affect right but I think it doesn’t look too bad!

Sarah x


6 thoughts on “Weekly Bake Off – cheesecake

  1. I’ve never tried a baked cheesecake (though I have a gorgeous white chocolate no-bake cheesecake recipe) but I’m tempted to try one now.

  2. Looks lovely! Just finished judging the round up of cheesecakes and now feeling very hungry. The texture looks beautiful- bet your colleagues loved it x

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