Has anyone heard of postcrossing or is a member of it? I found out about through twitter and after looking into it I signed up!

It basically means once you sign up you can send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world! You get a bit of info about the person who you are sending to, you then send the post card to the given address. Once they receive the card they log it onto the website and this then allows you to receive a card too (but not from the same person) this could be from anywhere around the world! There is no specific amount you have to send and receive, you just request an address to send to when you are ready.

My first card was to be sent to a 14 year old boy in America. It was quite difficult deciding what to write! I sent this card


I had picked this one up when we were doing our sightseeing of Liverpool. The picture is of the Superlambanana.

I received my first postcard yesterday from Japan, sent by a girl who is originally from Moscow!


The card is beautifully textured and has a fab stickers and stamp on the back!

I love how despite the world turning to emails, the postcard is still going strong! It is so nice to receive a little snippet about somebody random and to get some beautiful cards too! I am looking forward to picking up some more cards for me to send when I’m on my travels!

I would love to hear from you if you do postcrosding too, what has been your most favourite card that you have received?

Sarah x


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