Alteration Help

A while ago at a vintage fair in York I bought this dress

It has been sat in my wardrobe since then, occasionally being brought out a longingly looked at. I have not yet been able to wear it as I am unable to fit into it. Now you may wonder why I bought it if it didn’t fit, however I really couldn’t leave it there, it is made from a gorgeous Liberty fabric and it is so me! The only part that doesn’t fit is around my chest at the back  where the zip wont do up. The rest fits perfectly and looks lovely!

There is a long zip approx 19.5″ long at the back, which goes right to the top of the dress

Now the reason why I am telling you all this is I need your help! I obviously want to be able to wear the dress, but have no idea on how to alter it! When I bought it I imagined that I would maybe put a panel in the back? or even alter it so that there were 2 straps rather than the zip. However I have no experience of altering clothes and the thought of it really scares me! I would be so grateful if any of you have any ideas on what I could do or how to do it, please get in touch!

Sarah x


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