Weekly Bake Off – Lemon Yoghurt Cake

A few weeks ago, I saw that Nic was following the Weekly bake off challenge, set up by Amy, in a bid to bake all 100 cakes from Mary Berry’s ‘100 Cakes and Bakes’ book. Each week Amy chooses a cake to bake and invites people to join in and share their photos of the weekly bake, the best one is then selected by a guest judge. Since cake baking in our house is a frequent occurrence, I couldn’t wait to join in the challenge!
Come and join in!
Amy is baking a few extras along the way, as if we did a cake a week we’d all be baking for 2 years to get through the book! You can see on her blog what has been done so far, this week it was a lemon yoghurt cake. I have to admit that my first offering for the challenge wasn’t my best effort as I only got my recipe book at the end of the week, and had a hectic weekend with in-laws visiting. However that combined with mothers day seemed like a good excuse to get baking!


As I wanted to do 2 cakes, I used loaf tins instead of the recommend 8inch tin. I think they turned out ok and got lots of ums and ahs! My photo wasn’t all that great so don’t think il do all that well in the judging for the challenge – must try harder next time!

Next weeks cake will be announced tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Sarah x


4 thoughts on “Weekly Bake Off – Lemon Yoghurt Cake

  1. Great first attempt! Thanks for taking part. And as for the weight gain, be prepared! I usually have a slice (or two!) on the day I bake the cake but send the rest into work with my boyfriend – otherwise I’d eat it all! X

  2. I don’t think I could cope with a cake a week, I think I’d make myself ill!

    I love to see how different everyone’s cakes are despite being the same recipe.

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