Handmade Monday 56

This time last year my soon to be bridesmaid was expecting her first child. Her due date came and went and her baby girl was finally born on March 12th. I wanted to make something special for baby Imogen’s first birthday and as she has started taking a few steps, I thought of the perfect gift!

I had seen Shoe.ol.o.gy mentioned on Flossie Teacakes blog a month or so ago and couldn’t resist looking at the patterns. Cheri writes patterns for babies, kids and adults shoes. The concept of making your own shoes scared yet excited me at the same time! I thought I would start with the baby shoes and baby Imogen’s birthday gift was an ideal opportunity to try out the pattern. You buy the pattern online, then Cheri emails it to you within 24 hours. I decided on making the reversible crib shoes, but used the same fabric for the inner and outer. The tutorial is so simple to follow and didn’t take long for me to make the shoes.


I really hope my friend (and Imogen) like them! I have bought some of the waterproof material that Cheri sells to use for the sole of the shoes. My next step is to decide which pattern to use for shoes for me!

I also had a bit of a baking weekend. After reading the Perfect Pies book by the Hairy bikers, I had been inspired to make lots of unhealthy things using pastry! I tried out the recipe for meat and veg pasties with good results


I don’t think I seasoned them well enough though, however just a good excuse to bake some more!

One other quick reminder that CRAFTfest starts on the 10th March for 1 week. Please have a look at my stall and everyone else’s and help to support handmade! I also wanted to mention that Hookin with Laa Laa is running a giveaway on her blog to celebrate 2 years of blogging. She has some gorgeous things as prizes – go check out her blog and add a comment to be in with a chance of winning!


Check out Wendy’s blog for this weeks Handmade Monday offerings!

Sarah x


29 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 56

  1. The baby shoes are so sweet and will be loved. Those pasties look delicious and good luck with the Craftfest

  2. Beautiful booties but those pasties – they look really fantastic. Bet they tasted good too. Must check out those recipes. His Nibs is on a diet so as he’s doing all the cooking at the moment, I’m left craving pastry, cake, biscuits and everything else that’s out of bounds! A homemade pasty would be a real treat – I’ll have to wait till he’s out!

  3. Oh those little shoes! They are SO sweet, I love tiny shoes and when my boys were born they had such enormous feet they had already grown out of the tiny ones I had bought! (They went on to be size 12!) Those naughty pastries look absolutely delicious…
    Penny x

  4. Can never bake too much!

    Will definitely check out your stall on the ole Craftfest. Just wish I had been organised enough to set my own one up, but hey, maybe next time. This time I shall just buy lots of goodies 🙂

  5. Those baby shoes are so cute. I’d love to be able to make shoes like those but my skills really don’t stretch that far, I tried knitting some once and that was a disaster too! I love the look of those pasties, proper good food for the winter weather! x

  6. I’m in love with the baby shoes (anything baby is wonderful to me now that I’m going to be a grandma!). And I agree with Wendy, a little sauce will fix anything. 🙂 But the pies look delish. 🙂

  7. Lovely crib shoes, look forward to seeing what other shoes you do.
    Your pasties look yummy, and perfect for me, I don’t like things with too much seasoning, I prefer the sauce at the table idea.

    Jan x

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