Kindle Cover Workshop

As you all know I gave my first workshop on thursday night on how to make a kindle cover, under the title of tutor for the Make and do studio. To say I was nervous was an understatement and as we were setting everything up I wasn’t sure how I was going to control my nerves!


Maeri introduced me and the workshop and once I’d described the first few steps, my nerves went and I started to enjoy myself! 7 people had signed up however only 6 people arrived, including one man! John and another lady hadn’t used a sewing machine since school. Michelle said she has only come as support for her friend and was terrified at the thought if sewing. I took this as a challenge to make sure she enjoyed the workshop and wanted to sew more once she’d finished!


They all got on really well, all making a kindle cover apart from John who was making an iPad cover.

Soon we were nearing the end of the workshop, with not too many hiccups! I was surprised to find that I was on track for the finish time we’d set, meaning it had only taken about an hour from start to finish! (I had cut out the material and wadding before the class to save on time)

Everyone seemed pleased with their finished covers. John had brought his iPad with him and was delighted when it fitted perfectly!


I succeeded in my challenge as Michelle said she had thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and wanted to try making more things.


The whole experience was such an enjoyable one. It highlighted that I need to do one tweak to my tutorial which I will share with you soon 🙂

I want to thank Maeri for letting me take the workshop and we have already chatted about me doing some more in the future 🙂

The open craft night is running every 3rd Thursday of the month at coffee au clay. If you live in Cheshire or local to Warrington, please pop along. If you don’t fancy doing a workshop then there is always the knit and natter group – free and an opportunity to have a chat with fellow knitters! You could also just get a cuppa and some cake and browse through the lovely sewing related books and magazines 🙂

Sarah x


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