Handmade Monday 52

As many of you who follow me on twitter will know, I have been slowly making a Tilda doll. My obsession started after seeing a few tweets from other people who had made them and I really wanted to try one myself. It took me a while to decide which book to buy, but I settled on ‘Tilda’s Studio’.


There are so many beautiful things to make in the book, and I wanted to make everything! However I eventually decided to make the ‘studio angel’. I ordered all the bits I needed from Puddle Crafts who sell all the Tilda fabrics and supplies.


First you have to make the doll itself, using skin coloured fabric and white pieces for the bodice. You also have to make the arms and legs, then turn them inside out so you can then stuff them. This proved to be the most difficult part, as the ends of the legs and arms are quite small, therefore very time consuming pulling the fabric the right way round. It also resulted in much swearing and several tweets to find out the best way to do it! I found it easiest to use a pair of tweezers to pull the fabric through.

Once I had made the doll and attached her arms and legs to the body, it was time to make the pantaloons and skirt. This bit wasn’t too difficult and allowed me to destress from the earlier traumas!


I made the skirt to the sizing in the book, however I think my doll is a lot thinner than the one in the book as the skirt was big enough to fit 2 dolls! I made some adjustments and with a few tucks here and there the skirt was attached. I added some pink ric rac to the bottom of the skirt to jazz it up a little! I also had to make a piece to cover where the arms attached to the body.


Now came the bit I was dreading – assembling the hair! I had to do some weird voodoo thing with pins and then wrapped the ‘hair’ around the pins. The dolls normally have bunches of hair at the side of the head, however this was far to complicated for me to do! I just had to then sew the hair in place, and give her some eyes and she was completed. I decided on not putting on the wings to make her an angel, I guess I can always add them at a later date.

The only thing she needs now is a name..suggestions welcome!


I am really pleased with how she has ended up. I have to confess, she was meant to be a present for someone, but I have become quite attached to her and can’t quite part with her! I really enjoyed making her and can’t wait to try some more projects from the book!

Please pop over the Wendy’s blog to see what everyone else has been making this week!

Sarah x


23 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 52

  1. Yay!! You finished her!! Mine is still sitting on my shelf waiting for a face and a dress. Hoping to get her finished soon! :))

  2. Oh, she is wonderful. I am so jealous of people that can sew…I would love to be able to but to be honest, it scraes me an I don’t really have the patience for it! How about ‘Angelica’ for a name as a nod to the fact she was nearly an angel?


  3. I’ve seen Tilda’s dolls in the books and it’s really good to see that the patterns work – yours certainly has – she’s beautiful. She looks very graceful in that off-the-shoulder dress – think she should be called Gracie!

  4. wow, well done! your tilda doll is gorgeous, its lovely to see it being made bit by bit
    thanks for sharing it with us
    ive been meaning to make my own but i havent dared to do so yet 🙂

  5. Oh, she is quite fetching! I feel for you, I made a doll at Christmastime (no pattern, I just winged it as I usually do). Doing the arms and legs is difficult and I ended up buying several different little tools to help pull them right side, and then stuffing was also difficult. Now, I have a doll but no head on her yet as I cannot quite figure out how to do the head.
    I love your Tilda Doll! Perhaps I should have started with a pattern! LOL you’re so smart.

  6. Ok I will be the first person to put their hand up and say the Tilda dolls kinda freak me out. That coming from a goth is a little weird I know… However, she does look really cool. It must have taken ages to get so perfectly patched together!! Well Done.

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