2012 so far…Reasons to be Cheerful

With the start of February and Penny’s reasons to be Cheerful, I thought I would see how I was doing with my new years resolutions. I think I’m not doing too badly, writing them on here has certainly made me focus more on my goals! There a lot that I have already got stuck into, including the getting rid of 366 items. Since the beginning of the year I have sorted out the loft and under the stairs. I sorted things out into piles and have managed to give some things to friends. I also have a huge pile of thing ready for doing a car boot. It has been so nice to have a good clear out, although I am not sure how many things I have cleared, I will need to get counting!! I have also sorted out my sewing room, and have got a lot of fabrics that I no longer have use for (some were given to me) so I have signed up for Rosa Lilys swap shop. Have a look at her blog and sign up if you too have things to swap!

One of my big goals of the year was to develop my sewing career. I know this won’t be a quick process, however the year got off to a promising start with Maeri of the Make and Do Studio offering me to do a workshop on making kindle covers. We held an open night for the studio in Coffee Au Clay in Stockton Heath and had a really good turn out – 40+ people!

It was a great opportunity to meet like minded people and also great to get people interested in doing some courses. We are holding another one tomorrow night as there were too many people who wanted to come to the first one! Hoping for a good turn out like last time!

So…my main reason to be cheerful is that I have got one person signed up for my Kindle cover workshop on the 16th February, very excited!! So it is at least a start, and if all goes to plan I’m hoping Maeri might ask me back to do some more workshops!

All my other goals seem to be on track, I do feel I am neglecting myself in the attempt to do more! I am out most evenings and it feels like I go to work for a rest at the moment! One of the things I really wanted to do was socialise more and develop a wider circle of friends. I went along to the first meeting of the St Helens WI group and have signed up to be on the committee, the next meeting is next week and I have already widened my social circle so it all looks good! It makes me really happy to have a variety of people I can chat to and ask advice of πŸ™‚ Athough my friends find it funny that I am now a member of a WI group, even though I tellt hem it is a young and funky group! There is also a book club meeting as part of the WI, I have ordered my book and hope to read it in time for the first book club meeting at the end of march, keeping me on track for reading more in 2012!

Last night I went to the 3rd meeting of the Clandestine Cake club held at Cheshire Cakes in Latchford. It was a fab turn out, with a total of 16 cakes for us all to tuck into. I think that in itself is a fab reason to be cheerful – cake and a good natter!

I made a banana and walnut cake with a butterscotch sauce. I think it was one of my favourite cakes that I have baked – lovely and moist and the sauce was delicious!!

One last thing I wanted to tell you about was I have signed up for another CRAFTfest – 10th – 18th March. For those of you who don’t know, it is a week long online event (last time it was only a weekend) where you can visit all sorts of different ‘stalls’ and browse the sellers items. If you see something you like you can then purchase it from the sellers online store. It is a great way to support handmade! I really want to make more of an effort for this one, especially with my aim of making more items to sell. I have decided to change tack a little bit with what I make and once I have made my swap items I am going to crack on with things to sell. If anyone is interested in selling (it only costs Β£5 for your stall) click on the picture and it will take you to the online booking form.

My last reason to be cheerful is that I won a fabric give away from Made with Love. I had forgotten about the give away so was even more happy to know I had won! I get one yard of Kokka Japanese Fabric Melody Miller Ruby Star Spring – Bee Tomato Vine. I just need to decide on what I am going to make with it now!

So there we have it, quite a successful month so far and many reasons to be cheerful! I hope that the rest of the year goes as well as January! Please pop by Penny’s blog to see everyone elses reasons to be cheerful πŸ™‚

Sarah x


8 thoughts on “2012 so far…Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. I don’t know where to start! You sound so busy with some really interesting things. Your WI sounds great, I’m afraid although we have some lovely ladies in ours I don’t feel old enough to join them yet! Good luck with all your new ventures. I’m scrolling back up now to gaze longingly at your cake again!
    Thanks for joining in with Reasons to be Cheerful once again xx

  2. I feel like I’m stalking you reading about all the things you have been up to and thinking, yes, saw her there, there & there! It’s been a fantastic start to 2012. See you next week, and the week after ;0)

  3. What a lovely positive post my lovely πŸ™‚ Looks like you are doing really well… excited to keep reading about your adventures… Tell me more about WI? πŸ™‚ xxxx

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