Liebster Award

Last weekend I had the most loveliest of surprises, I clicked on my google reader to see the latest blog post from Emma, my advent swap partner, only to discover she had nominated me and 4 other bloggers the Liebster award!


I had seen this badge on some other peoples blogs but had never really known what it was. The Liebster blog award is given to favourite blogs with under 200 followers. It stems from the german word ‘Liebster’ meaning beloved/dearest. I feel so honoured that Emma has given me the award and in return I can now nominate my 5 favourite blogs in line with the rules of the award:

– Show thanks to the bloggers who awarded you by linking back to their blogs…
– Post your top 5 blogs and let them know by leaving a comment on their blogs…
– Post the award on your blog!

It has taken me a week to contemplate my favourite blogs, its so hard to narrow it own to 5! Some people who have been given the award already would’ve been in my top five including daffodils and snowdrops and Sew Ray Me. So my task of choosing 5 was slightly easier! I struggled to know how you determine if somebody has less than 200 followers, so forgive me if I have done it wrong!

Here are my 5 favourite blogs:

Planet Penny Penny always manages to cheer up my day, either with fab photos of Higgins the miniature dachshund, her silent Sunday posts and her reason to be cheerful posts. I love her work and was delighted when I won one of her giveaways!

Ros Made Me Ros does some fantastic tutorials, really easy to follow and always things you want to make!

Nic’s Notebook I met Nic at the first Warrington Clandestine Cake club, since then we have become good friends. I love reading her blog as she talks about all sorts of things! I especially like her book reviews, I would love to be able to read as much as she does!

Martha After Hours I found Martha’s blog through Wendy’s handmade Monday linky. I find her posts and the items she makes incredible, so glad I can share her blog with you!

Chouxchouxbedoo I met Janine at the first St Helens WI meeting, we have tweeted several times and I have enjoyed reading her past blog posts. She has recently moved to the North and talks bout meeting new people, so even more of a reason to share her blog with you!

So there we go, some blogs I have been following for a while and some only more recently, but all equally inspiring! Thanks again to Emma for nominating me!

Sarah x


7 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations on your award. I met Emma in Winchester just before Christmas when I was doing the Winchester Art Market! I always look forward to some more good blogs to browse, so some good reading awaits!

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