Handmade Monday 50

Another week has passed and we are back to handmade Monday again. I have made a few things this week, but as they are for the Owl swap and love swap I can’t reveal them yet! However I thought I would share with you some photos of my sewing room


This is the sewing table Maeri donated along with a fab cotton reel storage rack which I bought from The Makery


I love my sewing room (really the dining room which I have taken over!) and I love having jazz fm on while I sew! I have a lot fabric which I have tried to contain in boxes!


I visited Maeri during the week and she showed me a cape/poncho that she had made. She had designed it herself however told me about a tutorial she had found that gave really simple instructions on making one. I knew I had the perfect piece of fabric so decided to whip one up yesterday afternoon. The tutorial is so easy and very straightforward, perfect for beginners.


The tutorial uses a jersey fabric and so allows for some stretch in the fabric. The material I used didn’t have any stretch in it and as I have quite broad shoulders the fabric doesn’t sit quite right around the neck, but I think it looks quite nice on.

I also wanted to share my decorated cupcakes from my class this week


I think the mouse is my favourite, they almost look too good to eat! (however needless to say the cake tin is now empty!)

I hope you all have had a productive week, looking forward to reading about your creations for this weeks handmade Monday, hosted by the lovely Wendy at 1st unique gifts.

Sarah x


18 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 50

  1. All so smart, neat and tidy – boo hoo I just can’t seem to get to that state. Despite planning to be tidy and organised, it is one plan that has fallen off of my radar. Cakes look scrummy. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Oh wow! Your sewing room is great, I love that fire place and spotted the fabulous thread storage on the wall in your first photo (my beady eyes!). Looks like it’s really full of character.

  3. Love your adorable mouse cake. Particulary interested in your sewing machine as I’m looking to update my basic Singer to an all dancing model. Trying to get as many views on the different makes and machines as possible before going shopping and getting blinded by the salespersons jarggon. Can’t see from your picture what make and model you have. Perhaps you can let me know? Hugs Mrs A.

    • My machine is a Singer Inspiration, very good machine, if a little noisy! Has a top loading bobbin, a good range of stitches, 4 step buttonhole and a really bright LED light. I’m quite pleased with it so far! πŸ™‚

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