Handmade Monday 49

Welcome to another handmade Monday! I haven’t had a lot of time to be sewing this week, so yesterday I made the most of getting up early and set to at my sewing machine, armed with many cups of tea and a stack of fabric.

I have been asked by Maeri at the Make and Do Studio to teach a workshop as part of her new evening craft nights. I was beyond excited as this is really something I would love to develop, so I jumped at the chance! I decided on developing a workshop on making a kindle cover as it seems a lot of people have a kindle or e-reader of some sort! As the workshop is only an hour long, the sewing has to be fairly straight forward. I have stuck with a very simple envelope sleeve, with the option to add a magnetic clasp or button closure to personalise it. I made a few trying to get a size that would fit most sizes of kindle (why can’t they all be the same size?!) and stuck with my motto of reusing, therefore no need to buy any more fabric!


So here they all are! I am quite pleased with the results and I am meeting Maeri in the week to discuss the finer details of the workshop – so exciting! Keep your eyes peeled on here next month for a tutorial on how to make one. Also I realised that all these things add up to a few of my new years resolutions being ticked off – bonus!

If you live in the Cheshire area and are interested in the evening workshops, check out The Make and Do Studio for more details. Also why not check out Wendy’s blog for more handmade Monday loveliness!

Sarah x


21 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 49

  1. I am gutted that you are in Cheshire! I really want someone to teach me to use a sewing machine to make ‘modern’ things but I am all the way down south in Kent. I love your Kindle covers and can’t wait for the tutorial next week (not that my sewing machine skills will have improved by then!!) X

  2. Im not confident with a sewing machine (mine just sits in a corner and looks at me all day!) and I admire anyone who can just whip up lovely creative items, the workshop sounds like a great and fun idea. x

  3. The workshop sounds like fun! I received a kindle for Christmas too and made a cover for it, I’m slowly adding more to my site, and I completely agree about the various sizes!xx

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and many congrats on your workshop, I’m sure the kindle covers will go down a storm! Doesn’t get much better than cups of tea and stacks of fabric does it?

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