Handmade Monday 46

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front as I’ve been busily preparing for Christmas. I think I mentioned a while ago that I was planning on this year either making or buying handmade presents. It’s been harder than I thought but a lot more rewarding! So far I have made a few stocking fillers and this bike inspired iPad cover for my Husband. I had to give it to him early for fear of him buying one! He loves it especially as he is obsessed with bikes!!


My next task was to make my secret Santa presents. I had decided I wanted to make an Apron to go with a cookie mix in a jar. I found a nice pattern for an apron in a book I got for my birthday – Free and Easy Stitch Style by Poppy Treffry. It is a gorgeous book and I just adore her style! I omitted the appliqué bit however as I am waiting on my embroidery foot to arrive! I used a cute russian doll fabric and modified the pattern slightly as the apron seemed to be quite long! Here’s the finished result


I then followed a recipe for the cookie mix in a jar for those who haven’t heard of these, it’s basically most of the ingredients you need to make delicious cookies all in a jar! I think they make lovely presents!


I just need to add some ribbon and wrap it using my creative wrapping skills! Hope my secret Santa likes it!

Please pop by Wendy’s blog to see what everyone else has been making this week!

Sarah x


19 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 46

  1. You have given me an idea. My SIL also rides bikes and the rest of the time is using his ipod. I might just have a go, Mmm. now I wonder if I have any suitable bits in my stash. Certainly no bike fabric like yours, its lovely isnt it.. What a good idea the cake mixes are. Where do you get your ideas from I wonder.

  2. You have been busy. Love the bike fabric too! The cookie mix in a jar is a great idea too – I would like that as I never have all the ingredients in the house if I fancy baking. Mich x

  3. I wish I could sew well enough to make an apron, yours is lovely. I thought about cookies in a jar this year but didn’t seem to find time to do that. Last year I did hot cocoa mix in jars for the kids and their wives. Seemed to be a hit. I do think people like handmade things. Good for you!

  4. Those are wonderful and so much thought and creativity has gone into them your secret santa will be over the moon. I think the cookie mix in a jar is a fab idea. Love the ipad cover you’ve given me an idea for my brothers christmas present – if I can find some decent fabric.

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