Tilly Mints Christmas day out

After getting up bright and early yesterday, we headed off for the train station to start our Christmas day out in York. It only took 1 hour 50 mins and even though I was still feeling a little wobbly, my dizziness wasnt too bad on the train.

There was a few shops I wanted to make sure we visited, so with hubby in tow we headed to Grace and Jacob, a fab fabric and wool shop. I bought a few fat quarters and ogled the lovely colours of the wool.

We also went to Duttons for Buttons, a shop literally full of buttons! I was so tempted to buy some but I think I could have bought each and every one of them, so settled for just looking!

We had a great day exploring the Christmas markets and going through the Shambles, there was a lot of people so it was nice to escape to the Minister for a bit of time out

I had seen on the internet before we left that there was a vintage market in one of the colleges behind the minister. Hubby kindly said he would wait outside, so I had plenty of time to browse the stalls. I saw lots of lovely things, but all were a little pricey. I came across a gorgeous maxi dress made from a floral velvet/cord Liberty fabric. I thought it was quite unusual but at £25 I thought it to be a bit extravagant. I put it back on the rail but immediately couldn’t bear the thought of someone else buying it, so quickly  handed over my money! It is a little tight in the top half, so even more incentive to lose weight!

The picture really doesn’t do it justice!

We ended the day in a gorgeous Italian restaurant in the shambles, a perfect end to a perfect day 🙂

Sarah x


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