Reasons to be Cheerful

This week I thought I would join in Penny’s Reasons to be cheerful. As a few of you may know my week hasn’t been all that great as I have been struck down by Labrynthitis – a hideous infection of the inner ear that results in dizziness 😦 as a result I have been off work all week, as I get the dizziness as soon as I do anything. It’s been torture as I am not one to just sit and watch TV! I therefore felt there I should share my reasons to be cheerful, as I have had a great week all things considered!

As most of you know I held my CRAFTfest stall last weekend. It was such a great experience and so easy to do with no hassle of carting stuff to and from a fair! So my first reason to be cheerful is that I sold 5 items from my stall! Admittedly 3 of those were to friends however 2 other people bought a scarf and a vintage bookmark. I was so chuffed that people really liked my things enough to buy them! so heres my first item ready to be posted

My next reason is that I received my advent swap parcel on Tuesday and couldn’t wait to open all my presents! Emma has put a lot of thought and effort into making the presents, even down to doing some potato stamping on the brown wrapping paper of my Christmas Day present. She has numbered each present for advent, therefore less decisions for me to make in the morning as to what to open!

Despite my dizziness I went to Vicky Sowerby’s Frock swap last night. Me and Nic had planned to go for sometime, and as Vicky was raising money for a very worthwhile cancer charity, it was nice to support something so very close to her heart. The idea of the swap was that you took up to 5 items and then picked from all the other clothes that people had brought to take home 5 new items. Nic drove us to Oldham, as I didn’t think my head would cope with the driving, and after an adventurous journey taking in many road works and sights of Oldham we gave in our swaps and browsed some of the stalls that were set up. I couldn’t resist buying this cute owl purse and fabric pack from Woodchip Boutique.

I am so pleased with the things I brought home, especially as you had to have pointy elbows to get into the rails at first!

My next reason is that me and my husband are taking a day trip on the train to York tomorrow to see the christmas markets. The trip was planned ages ago and I am a little worried it will make my dizziness worse, but wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the markets, plus a few fabric and button shops along the way! Since its my birthday next week, I’m hoping to find a few things to treat myself to. I will let you know what I buy!

My last reason to be cheerful is that I have had the very fortunate opportunity to be involved in some filming of the Make and Do studio for the BBC! They are doing a short video to be put online as they are trying to promote the usefulness of learning online and through the internet. I am very nervous about it all but very excited and grateful that Maeri has let me be a part of it. I will be a student in a mock-up workshop, my most biggest dilemma is…what to wear?!

So there we have it, I think I might have gone over the limit of numbers of reasons to be cheerful! However despite a horrible start to the week with my dizziness, there is always a bright side to everything. My week has also shown that sometimes you may not be feeling all that great, but there are people who are worse off than yourself and if you look hard enough there’s always a bright side to everything. Please go check out Penny’s blog and see how everyone has been getting on with their reasons to be cheerful.

Sarah x


3 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling so ill, that’s a horrible thing to have, but you do seem ot have been making a huge effort to work through! Thanks so much for joining in, and also buying the robins!
    love Penny x

  2. Heya lovely, love your finds at the swap shop.. I need to post about mine.. I was so pleased with them 🙂 Yours look great too. Looks like you’ve been up to some lovely things and love your advent parcel swap. How did you get invovled in doing that?

    Hope you are feeling better. Much love

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