Christmas Swaps

So I have finally reached the time to send off my decoration and advent swaps to my partners Amy and Emma. It really doesn’t feel all that long ago since I was signing up on Hookin with laalaa’s blog – where has the time gone! The decoration swap was fairly easy to do as it was only 5 items to send, here’s my parcel ready to go!


However as the advent swap involved 24 items plus a present for Christmas day, it involved a lot more planning! My swap partner and I decided we would make 12 items, buy 6 and give 6 items to be used for our craft stash. I set to looking on Emmas blog to get an idea of the things she’s likes. I got most of my inspiration from Pinterest, although I had to also consider the size and weight of what I was making. I have to admit I got a little stressed at times, as making the 12 items seemed quite daunting. However I am really pleased with what I have made. All of the things I made I have never done before, some I think I might make for other people as they have turned out really well. Here’s a photo of all the parcels ready to go!


The one thing I have realised from doing the swap is that you can create lovely items from not a lot and also by not spending a fortune. I think Christmas often becomes a very expensive experience and I had vowed earlier in the year that would try and make most of my gifts this Christmas. From December 1st I will be posting a photo each day of what I have opened for my advent. In the new year I will post some pics and tutorials of what I have made. I hope both my partners like what I have made!

Sarah x


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