Handmade Moday 42

This week has been a busy week, not necessarily for crafting but more for making things. On Tuesday I went to the second Clandestine Cake club meeting in Warrington. 9 other lovely ladies also came along, bringing lots of different cakes, all baked with the theme of frolicking fireworks and copious celebration in mind.

There were all sorts of different cakes including a triple layer caramel cake, a hummingbird cake and a chocolate marshmallow cake.

After playing it safe at the last meeting, I wanted to try something a little bit different. My husband suggested using popping candy

So I searched for cake recipes using it and found a Heston Blumenthal recipe. It was fairly straightforward to make, although I missed off the chocolate glaze, which was probably the hardest bit! I forgot to take a photo after I made it, so here’s one after everyone had tucked in and tried a piece.

I didn’t let on what was in the cake, so the popping candy came as a surprise for people, making a lovely crackling sound as everyone was eating!

Later in the week I went along to another course at The Make and Do Studio – Creative Wrapping. The course was run by Sue Lacey, a very talented lady who knows everything you need to know about wrapping presents in a beautiful way.

We learnt the basics of wrapping, how to make a gift bag, tying bows and how to wrap unusual shapes such as bottles and biscuit tins. I learnt so many useful tips, perfect timing for christmas presents!

Please pop over to Wendy’s blog to see what everyone else has been up to for this weeks handmade Monday πŸ™‚

Sarah x


22 thoughts on “Handmade Moday 42

  1. I seriously need to learn how to wrap presents up nicely! Everyone can always guess what they have got for Christmas because I either wrap things up in exactly the shape they are (like a mug or a football!!) or I don’t use enough wrapping paper and you can see what the present is through the huge gaping hole at the end!! Looks like you learnt some valuable skills there!

  2. I’d love to join some sort of cake club but i’d eat far too much and wouldn’t be able to share! Your cake looks delicious and the others look and sound really yummy too.
    I think I could probably do with some of those wrapping courses too, presentation is a big part of a gift and those look great. x

  3. Please forgive me for not hanging around and devouring your post, I started my diet today and I must succeed this time as all my extra weight is causing other problems. I will look again when I am stronger as I lurve choccie cake.

    • Well…. If you go to http://clandestinecakeclub.co.uk/ and see if there’s a club local to you,sign up for the next meeting and bake a cake according to the theme. Nearer to the time of the meeting the organiser will email all that are going to tell them where the meeting will be held, therefore keeping it a secret to those who don’t know about it! Then you all turn up with your cakes and eat as much as you want, if there’s cake left over you can take some home too!! It’s such a fab way to meet people AND eat tons of yummy cake! You should definitely try it!!

  4. Ooh that cake club looks good and all the cakes sound delicious. I love to gift wrap with a flair, we were lucky enough to have a wonderful lady at school that taught us the art of gift wrap and it is an art, your pressies look wonderful

  5. A cake club? What a brilliant idea – however, as I must lose weight, perhaps next year. Had a quick check and there isn’t one near to me – but who knows what next year will bring.

  6. How could you resist all of those cakes! I love the idea of not telling everyone what’s in the cake and watching their faces to see their reaction. Your wrapping seesion looked great and very timely.

  7. Cakes look beautiful – almost too good to eat (I did say ALMOST)! I’ve just put gingerbread in the oven, so your pictures and the smell from the oven are making me feel very peckish!

  8. Fizz Wiz… love the stuff. Until you swallow before it’s all cracked on you tongue… then it can cause discomfort. The cakes look totally yum! Where do I sign up to get my slice?

  9. I’m imagining that popping cake! WOW. That would be fun just to experience. πŸ™‚ And, I also want to know how to wrap a round canister like in the photo, that looks so beautifully done! Wonderful blog post this time, thank you. πŸ™‚

  10. Oh no! A clandestine cake club! And so close too! Must admit it sounds fab, I might’ve joined had i not gone gluten free!! Perhaps that’s saved my waistline.

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