Handmade Monday 40 – Happy Halloween!

After a week off from Handmade Monday last week I was determined to share something with you this week! Nic has invited me and hubby to a Halloween Party, with fancy dress being optional. Now I am quite a shy person and would normally hate the idea of fancy dress, however now I love sewing I couldn’t wait to get making a costume! I found a link to a tutorial for making an Angry Bird costume, I then decided to adapt it to make a pumpkin outfit.

I got some rather garish orange fabric, folded it in half then half again. Measuring 16″ from the centre fold I cut a curve to create a circle when unfolded (this then measured 32″ in diameter). I then repeated the process for another orange piece, 2 pieces of cream fabric for the lining of the costume and also 2 pieces of wadding.

I then used some left over brown felt to make the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin. I then sewed these onto the front piece of the costume

Next I lay an orange circle and a lining circle right sides together and topped with a piece of wadding and sewed together using a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 6″ gap at the bottom to be able to turn out the pieces. This was then repeated with the other circles.

Next I pinned the 2 pieces together and tried on the costume to see where the head holes and arm holes needed to go. I found however that it didn’t fit right and needed a notch cut out of the top to allow space for my head! I used a dinner plate and cut around it to form the notch at the top. With right sides together I sewed across the top and a small section down the sides to form the head and arm holes.

I then turned it right sides out, stuffed the 2 pieces with some stuffing and then sewed up the holes at the bottom. Now promise not to laugh……

Not the most flattering of costumes but I am very pleased with the result!

Aswell as the costume I also made some Halloween inspired chocolate cornflake cakes

I even went back to my childhood and got out the cardboard boxes and toilet rolls to make this for hubby to wear

Can anyone guess what his costume is?!

Happy Halloween! Please pop by Wendy’s blog to see what everyone else has been up to!

Sarah x


21 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 40 – Happy Halloween!

  1. Very nice costume. I’m normally quite shy and hate fancy dress too. Just the thought of it makes me shudder. An interesting design with the cornflake cakes too. Would never have thought of that, although if I was making them, I would have ate them before they had a chance to be decorated lol.

  2. oooh and did they all say ‘Where did you get your costume from?’ and you could casually say ‘Oh I made it’ well done it’s great. I think the prize goes to Mich from mcrafts doesn’t it?

  3. Love the t-shirt. And your Blue Peter skills are still amazing. Have just been for a walk locally and am so blown away by how people have made a really great effort with their decorations… and you two would make a fab centrepiece!

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