Reasons to be Cheerful…

It feels like ages since I last posted! I have been so busy with various bits and pieces and sadly missed the last handmade Monday, mainly as all the things I am making at the moment are for the advent and decoration swaps, so I have to keep it all secret! After reading Penny’s blog over at Planet Penny, I thought I would join in on her linky – Reasons to be cheerful!

I am writing this on my second day of being off work, definitely one of my reasons to be cheerful! I took yesterday off to learn how to knit over at The Make and Do Studio. My friend Nic had also signed up, so at least I can pester her when I forget all the different stitches! I found that the memories of knitting as a child came flooding back, however I think  I did make up some stitches all of my own! I finished the day off with a lovely walk with Nic and her 2 springer spaniels and then met my mum and dad for a lovely Pub dinner out at the Glasfryn in Mold, North Wales – I would highly recommend it, the food was yummy!

My second reason is that with being off work today, i have been able to catch up on a bit of crafting, making more swap gifts and catching up on taking photos for my CRAFTfest stall. I really wish every day was like this!! I have also been able to catch up on reading some blogs. One I particularly want to mention is Sewabee. Vicky is currently nearing the end of a year challenge of not buying any clothes, bags, shoes etc and each month she donates money to a charity close to her heart  – Oldham Cancer Support Centre. She is celebrating finishing her challenge by organising a Frock swap in December, I am hoping to go and take some of my things in the hope of swapping for somebody elses! If you live in the Northwest why don’t you get a ticket (only £10 each!) and come and join the fun!

My last reason for being cheerful is that me and Nic are going to Judy’s affordable vintage fair in Manchester on Sunday. I am beyond excited about going and can’t wait to see what bargains I can find! I am hoping to pick up some bits of china, maybe a dress or 2 and some things for my advent swap.

Please pop by Planet Penny and see what everyone else has been up to, it’s so nice to see that as it’s getting colder and darker there are still reasons to be cheerful!

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful…

  1. Thanks for mentioning me sweetie and also what a fab idea I think I will do “reasons to be cheerful” on my blog tomorrow!! Hope you’re having a good weekend xxx

  2. Lots of things to be cheerful about, it’s nice to get some time to be crafty isn’t it? I’ve been sitting crocheting this afternoon after placing my three boys in front of the tv……bad parenting eh!

    Your dress swap sounds lots of fun!

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